About The One Times

About The One Times
The One Times has been established and worked with tunnel advertising since 2009. In the
five years of existence The One Times has accumulated substantial industry experience and
has established a large network of relations with suppliers and media buying agencies
national within US as well as international.
The One Times has two patents having the priority application based on Patent No. US 8,391,776 & Patent No. US 8,472,865, and with many issued patent in countries across the world and many pending applications in the field.
The Echo Light System that is being proposed to Subway Operator / or underground people mover i.e. in airports is  a method for tunnel to be used to create vast tunnel advertising in an attractive,
easy, secure, hassle free way at the same time not creating unnecessary traffic delays.
The One Times are in contact and dialogue with several subway operators and they have all
been intrigued by the simple and high revenue generating system and we are now awaiting
open bids across the country and expect several implementations both domestic in the US and
across the world.
All the media buyers and media planners whom we have had contact to so far there have
given a very astonishing feedback as they all see that the Echo Light System and its flexibility
in showing advertising based on train location, destination and time of day and the new
possibilities it brings for market potential and clients to the Outdoor Advertising Market.
In example SMB’s and local shops that previously would have hard time buying Outdoor
Transit Advertising due to current incompatible starting cost and flexibility for the SMB’s now have the possibility to strong advertising campaigns for as low as 1000 USD.
1000 USD will at a rate of 2.5/Minutes in example give them 2400 x 10 seconds spots (400 Min).
All in all The One Times proposes the Echo Light System to the operators well knowing that it is
going to be a huge success.
Further as previously stated The One Times have in the 6 past years been in contact with
several suppliers for each of its system components and have now a very strong network of
candidate suppliers and subcontractors whom all are represented in The United States and around the world.